Lead Setting Standards

5691 Setting Standards are hardened and precision ground to the API accuracy requirement of ± 0.0001″ between adjacent notches and ± 0.0002″ between nonadjacent notches. Standards for tapered threads are compensated for error in measuring lead parallel to the taper cone instead of parallel to the pipe axis.

Before using the lead gauge, it should be zeroed out with an Allen Lead Gauge Setting Standard (Template). The dial indicator should read zero when applied to the Setting Standard. If it does not, the sliding-beam lock screw should be loosened, the gauge adjusted to zero using the adjusting screw, and the lock screw tightened.

Setting standards for specific threads can be made. Please furnish complete thread data and prints.

Lead Gauge Settign Standards
5691-A Lead Standard 8 & 10 TPI 3/4 TPF API Casing or Line Pipe
5691-B Lead Standard 8 &10 TPI 3/8 TPF V Thread
5691-AB Lead Standard 6 TPI 1 1/8 TPF A-B
5691-D3 Lead Standard 11 ½ TPI ¾ TPF API Line Pipe
5693-F Lead Standard 5 TPI 1 1/8 TPF V Thread
5691-J- Lead Standard 5 TPI 1 ¼”TPF EX Line Csg
5691-J-3 Lead Standard 6 TPI 1 ½”TPF EX Line Csg
5691-K Lead Standard 5 TPI ¾ TPF API Buttress Casing
5691-K-16 Lead Standard 5 TPI 1 TPF API Buttress Casing
5691-L Lead Standard 4 TPI 2 TPF, RSC
5691-M Lead Standard 4 TPI 3 TPF, RSC
5691-N Lead Standard 5 TPI 3 TPF, RSC
5691-P-4-A Lead Standard 3 ½ TPI 2TPF, H-90
5691-P-4-B Lead Standard 3 ½ TPI 3TPF, H-90
5691-P-4-C Lead Standard 3 TPI 1.25 TPF, H-90 SL
5691-Q Lead Standard 5TPI 1 ½TPF 30 Degree Acme
5691-R Lead Standard 6 TPI 3/4 TPF Improved Buttress Tubing
5691-T-3 Lead Standard 4 TPI 1 ½ TPF RSC
5691-X Lead Standard 5 TPI 2 TPF V Thread
5692-R Lead Standard 5 TPI 1 ½ TPF OTIS Buttress
5692-S Lead Standard 6 TPI Folsom .129 Step
5692-V Lead Standard 8 TPI Folsom .100 Step
5692-W Lead Standard 8 TPI Folsom .070 Step
5693-F Lead Standard 5TPI 1-1/8 TPF V Thread
5693-H Lead Standard 4TPI 1TPF, .038R RSC
5693-Q Lead Standard 4TPI 1 ¼ TPF V Thread

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