Specialized Gauges

To Complete Your Inspection Capability

5886-S/Flank Shave Gauge

Used on round or V-form threads, the Flank Shave Gauge measures and compares the difference between thread flanks and the setting standard. The gauge is first set to the appropriate V groove on a #6780 Shave Standard and adjusted to a zero reading. When placed on the product, the dial indicator will indicate flank shave.

6788/Ball Point Wear Check Block

Determines wear and irregularities on common ball point contacts of .057, .062, .072 and .090 diameter.

6065-B/Multiple Point Pencil

Three markers spaced in 1″ increments permit fast and accurate marking of coupling threads to indicate where measurements are to be taken.

6875/Spring Clip

Slips over product end to quickly identify the specific threads where taper measurement readings are to be taken. Marking lines at 1″ intervals with lead edge marking at 1/2″.

5336-C/Saddle Gauge

Special V legs rest on the pipe body, allowing indicator to check eccentricity of the upset to .001″. Leg spacing is adjustable giving a measuring length from indicator to external leg of 39″.

9916/Thread Eccentricity Gauge

Allows precise measurement of thread cone eccentricity of line-pipe, casing and EUE tubing, relative to the pipe body. Resting on the anvil on the threaded area and rotating the pipe allows a quick measurement to .001″.

Profile Gauges

Hardened and precision ground for each of the 17 different forms covered in API Std. 5B and Spec. 7 plus 3 H-90 forms. Useful in identifying threaded connections, they also help detect stretched threads, thick first threads and rolled over threads. In some cases, one profile gauge will check several different connections.

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