Wall Gauges

Two basic types of wall gauges allow the user flexibility in measurement techniques. The snap type gauges allow for a quicker evaluation of the product dimensions by adjustable contacts. The minimum/maximum settings are adjusted by the user for a simple pass or fail check. The indicator type gauges have a much longer reach, with the actual dimensions determined by a dial indicator.

Snap Type

This heavy duty wall gauge has a go/no go range of adjustment from 0-7/8". The carbide contacts can reach a length of 1-5/8" from end of pipe.

A special design wall gauge with an extended reach of up to 5-1/2" from end of pipe. The go/no go configuration utilizes adjustable carbide contacts to handle a wall thickness from 0 to 1".

Indicator Type

The extra long reach arms allow wall thickness measurement to be made up to 23" from end of pipe or coupling connection. The unique hinged indicator gives a direct measurement of wall thickness in 0.001" increments from 0 to 1". In addition, the 2" wide throat design allows readings to be taken behind an upset or installed coupling. This is not intended for use with pipes having an inside diameter of less than 3".

This heavy duty wall gauge gives a direct measurement of thickness up to 7/8". With a 15" extended reach throat and a spring loaded grip, wall measurements of 0.001" accuracy can easily be obtained in several locations. Intended for use on pipe 2-3/8" and larger with a maximum of 7/8" wall.

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